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    LoadMovieNum or createEmptyMovieClip problem

      I have a problem with LoadMovie.
      I have 2 .sfw-s: first.swf and second.swf
      in first.swf I have a variable named test
      second.swf has a LoadMovieNum("first.swf",1)

      I've inserted in the webpage second.swf?test=mytext and I've thought that the var test will take the value "mytext", but it wasn't so and I've tried to write second.swf?_level0.test=mytext but I've got the same result.

      Now I'm using this code on second.swf:

      _root.myvariable = "boo!"
      _root.createEmptyMovieClip("z", _root.getNextHighestDepth())
      z._lockroot = false

      but, if I have a fist.swf animated swf the second.swf stops at the first frame of the first.swf.

      The variable has been taken.

      How can I fix this?