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    Remove suggested keywords


      I keywords to create file names for photos, and I accidentally used all caps previously. Now I cannot use those same keywords again without the all caps version taking place of a normally capitalized keyword. I have tried to remove suggested items in Lightroom>Catalogue Settings>Metadata>Clear all suggestion lists. This does not resolve the issue. Is there a way to delete the suggested keywords and start over with keywords all together?

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          You can change the capitalization of an existing keyword by right-clicking it in the Keyword List panel and doing Edit Keyword Tag.  When you save the corrected capitalization, the Keyword Suggestions will update automatically.


          If you really want to delete all your keywords, you can click on the first one in the Keyword List, then shift-click on the last one to select all of them. Then click the "-" at the top of the Keyword List panel.  This will delete all the keywords from the Keyword List AND from all of the photos to which they were assigned.

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            jackburnettphoto Level 1

            Thanks so much John. I did not have the actual Keyword list panel open. I was only seeing it from the 'keywording' panel and it was driving me crazy. The issue is fixed. Thanks!