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      When i try expand no-visible branch without children (leafs and another branches) in tree a having error in function buildUpCollectionEventsin in tree.as

      because in code:
      var children:ICollectionView = getChildren(expandedItem, iterator.view);
      var cursor:IViewCursor = children.createCursor();

      variable children is null

      What can i do, if I want expand this Item?

      A don't have this error in Flex 2.0, it is only 2.0.1
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          kefas123 Level 1
          i have solution. I create my Tree Class

          package com
          import mx.controls.Tree;
          import mx.core.mx_internal;
          import mx.events.TreeEvent;

          use namespace mx_internal;

          public class MyTree extends Tree
          public function MyTree()

          override mx_internal function expandItemHandler(event:TreeEvent):void{

          //Tween failure a nasty flex bug.

          this site help my: http://flexibleexperiments.wordpress.com/