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    Client side image resizing

      Hi all,

      Is flash capable to resize images in clients computer and then upload them, keeping in mind the sandbox security of flash?


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          blemmo Level 1

          Flash is able to upload data, so that's the first part. I don't know if it's able to upload a resized picture, because the resizing is just a Flash internal scaling, so it won't affect the original picture. But you could upload the original picture and also transfer the scaling values, so you can resize the picture serverside and save it with the new size.

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            peterdijk19 Level 1
            yeah, we'have figured that out, but that's not the problem, it's the resizing before uploading! So selecting a local image , flash resizes the image, and uploads the resized image!

            just 2 be sure
            Original image= 1600 x 1200
            after rescaling = 400 x 300 (WITH A LOWER FILESIZE offcourse)
            Uploading the scaled version
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              blemmo Level 1
              The only way I see is to use the BitmapData class if you have Flash 8 (it's Flash 8 only). It could get the pixel values of the scaled image and transfer those to the server, where the picture gets re-created by the values. I guess this will result in a larger amount of data than transfering the image itself.
              Maybe there's another way with 3rd party software, that allows Flash to save the scaled image. It's not possible with Flash alone, but probably with some extra software.

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                exPluda? Level 1
                As far as I know, and I'm saying this using the example of txt's or another kind of file you want to save, flash doesn't allow access to your/user hard drive.

                If you want to save a txt, you will need php or another server language to do the job, so I think with resize images it's the same.

                You can have your flash loading one php (and php can resize the image in user drive ) and then upload the file.

                But I'm just guessing here, no experience att all with this subject