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    Flex  Validators Question

      I have a form that needs validation (IE min length of all fields must be greater than 3)For the entire form....Here is my issue
      I have a check box that the user can check lets say this is a user form and if they check a checkbox(IsAdmin).If the user checks it it has to be included in the validation.Otherwise this checkbox along with its forms items are not required to be the min length.(IE it is options but required if the say they are an admin).I have this entire form in a tab Navigator with in panels

      My panels (P1 the main holder,p2 is the admin section that is disabled(panel is disABLED IF THE ADMIN IS NOT CHECKED))
      Where would I check this form every time a user selects this tab(This USER area is on a TAB).I have look at creationComplete but that only fires once and never after that.What event fires all the time every visit to the tab.This data for editing is retrieved through a web service so it needs to validate every time the form(Actually a Panel that is placed on a viewstack is shown to the user)