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    Making the FLVPlayback component draggable

    rodolfo1216 Level 1
      I've got an FLVPlayback component on the stage and I'd like to allow the user to drag it so I've put the start and stop drag script in the actions layer. No problem dragging the component, but now the user can't use the play/stop buttons on the componnet itself because the whole component is draggable. Is there a way to make the component draggable, but still have the buttons function?


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          I really hope you figured out a solution by now, but if not, try the following:

          select the FLVplayback component and make a new movieClip symbol out of it.
          inside that movie clip symbol, make a new layer beneath the FLV component
          on that layer make a shape the same size as the FLV component, convert it to a movieClip,
          give it an instance name (I'll use myBase for example)
          go back to the main timeline and give the entire FLV component (now movieClip) an instance name of myPlayer
          on the first frame of the main, add the following code:

          myPlayer.myBase.onPress = function() {startDrag(myPlayer);}
          myPlayer.myBase.onRelease = function() {stopDrag();}

          If that doesn't do it, let me know. The FLV buttons should still work.