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    chnage volume of channel 2 when channel 1 finished

      I am using both audio channels at the same time, channel 1 as a audio description and channel 2 has music, at the moment i have channel 1 as full volume and channel 2 as 20, how would i go about bringing the volume of channel 2 up once the audio desciption has finished?

      Thank you for any help
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          Hi Aj,

          You can set the volume of a sound channel by using:
          sound(2).volume = 130
          maximum volume is 255, mute is 0

          By the way, while you only have 2 sound channels in the Score, you can play sound
          via Lingo in up to 8 channels.

          So, when the audio starts, you can set each channel to the right volume. Then,
          when you're ready to change the volume, you can either do it abruptly by using the
          above code or you can gradually change the volume over time using:
          sound(2).fadeTo(255, 2000)
          The 255 represents the sound increasing to maximum volume from whatever it was at
          before. The 2000 is the time measured in milliseconds, so represents 2 seconds.

          You could also fade down your sound by using:
          sound(2).fadeTo(100, 2000)
          If your sound was at maximum and you want it to gradually go to a lower set volume.


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