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    trouble running in browser

      I'm a total newbie with flex so forgive me if I'm bringing up something which is completely trivial.

      I downloaded the flex_2_sdk.zip and been learning and playing. I've built all the samples and run them in the sa player. I've written what I want to write, and it's working in the player ...

      But I can't get anything to work in the browser. For the sake of discussion, my swf is most similar to the PhotoViewer sample. I've tried to use the default settings in the build.sh script and run it in the browser as /home/mark/flex/samples/photoviewer/PhotoViewer.html .... in firefox I get just the whole page filled with background colour ... in IE I get a white page containing only "> > > >".

      Identical results if I build --use-network=true and run it through http.

      So, anybody know wtf is going wrong? Are there error messages printed anywhere? I checked the apache logs and couldn't find anything .... I'm definitely a bit frustrated.