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    MouseMove movie clip follower

      Hi all,

      I have a small problem with a menu i am creating in flash.

      the idea is - to have a menu that follows my mouse when people visit my site. I have made a basic movie with this working to a fashion.

      the problem I have is as follows: -

      Obviously I want people to be able to rollover the movie clip to click the different options available. I can get that part to work, its just that when it comes to the mouse rollout from this movieclip: - when people rollover to the right hand side, or indeed the bottom of the clip. the movie clip tries to make the MC follow the mouse and return so that Xmouse and movisClip._x = 0. But the MC gets stuck because it again hits my rollover state, which is telling it to stop.

      I am trying to work with a mouse listener, but cant figure out what needs doing! (to no avail)

      Was wondering if any1 can help??

      A great example of what I ideally want to get to is at http://www.douglasfisher.co.uk/ Click on this guys portfolio tab and check out the mouse following menu.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. attached is the code I am currently using so u can see where Im at.