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    Samsung XP941 as boot vs all in one video drive


      Hi, I am about to order my new system for editing in Premiere (70%), minimal AE (5%) and some color correction (25%)



      Intel 5820K

      Asus X-99 Deluxe

      Seasonic M12II-850 Bronze PSU

      Cooler Master Stryker Cabinet

      Corsair 100i CPU cooler

      8x4GB Gskill 2400 Mhz  DDR4

      Samsung XP941 PCIe M.2 512GB SSD

      512GB Samsung Pro SSD

      GTX 970 4GB

      2x3TB 7200 RPM Seagate Baraccuda

      Monitor 1: Dell UltraSharp 24  U2414H

      Monitor 2: Dell P2214H

      Windows 8.1 Prof

      The current project I am working on is a full length film with only full HD content from BlackmagicPocket, some DSLR. I will be using a lot of warp stabilizer, some filmconvert and some twixtor and NeatVideo as far as effects go. However the next few projects will most probably be 4K so I'd like the system to be ready when needed.


      Primary question:

      Is the XP941 with its huge read/write rates and low latency best served for the OS or to put all the video editing stuff all on it? I am considering two options for the disk setup and am looking for pros/cons or general advice on which is better or if a completely different disk setup would work better.



      Option 1:

      512GB XP941 - OS, Program, Windows Pagefile, Cache

      512GB 850 Pro - Project files, Renders &Previews, some media

      3tb Barracuda HDD x2 - Media, Exports

      Backup is on 2x 4TB USB 3 externals



      Option 2:

      512GB 850 Pro - OS, Programs

      512GB XP941 - cache, previews, exports, projects. windows pagefile

      3tb Barracuda HDD x2 - Media, Exports

      Backup is on 2x 4TB USB 3 externals



      Secondary question:

      I am thinking for my current project (long form, 4TB+ of base media but all only in HD (80% is DnXHD 220x intermediates from BlackMagicPocket RAW and 20% is DSLR MOV 60fps slow motion) the HDDs at 7200RPM should be not a bottleneck ? (I plan to use a Raid0 (with regular external backups) when I archive this project and move to 4K content later). Do I need the Raid0 now for the HD project?


      Thank you for you time and look forward to your replies.



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          cc_merchant Level 4

          First remark:


          Big PSU.

          The PSU is one of the most crucial components in any system but also the one component most often overlooked. A good PSU will give you years of reliable work on your PC, a suboptimal or mediocre PSU will give you tremendous headaches and unexplainable crashes, hangs or errors, causing you to miss deadlines.

          Go to eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Pro v2.5 and get the Pro version. Enter all your components, including planned expansions, set the Motherboard to High End - Desktop, set the CPU Utilization (TDP) to 100%, set System Load to 100% and Capacitor Aging to 30% and press the Calculate button. Add 10 - 15% to this Wattage for safety and note the required amperage on the various rails (+3.3V, +5V and +12V). Based on these figures, select a good GOLD or PLATINUM label PSU, that meets the total wattage and the amperage on each rail. It is your best guarantee for long and reliable, trouble-free editing.

          It is a myth that a big PSU uses more electricity than a small PSU. If the system needs 600W to run, a 650W PSU will use 600W and run at 92% of its capacity. A 1200W PSU will draw the same 600W from the wall outlet, but runs at 50% of its capacity. It is comparable to a Formula 1 race with a safety car situation. Bernd Schneider in his Mercedes AMG safety car will run at 92% of its capacity, the Formula 1 cars run at 50% of their capacity.

          You are better off with running a PSU at 50-65% of its capacity, than running it at 80% or more.

          from Tweakers Page - What kind of PC to use?
          So better get a gold or platinum PSU, instead of a bronze one.


          Second, reconsider the intended cooler. The Corsair 100i is only expensive, bur not very good. From the same article, note:


          Corsair Hydro coolers do not give better cooling performance than air coolers from Cooler Master or Noctua, nor do they run quieter. They are only more expensive. Don't forget that air coolers in push-pull configuration have two fans, that are replaced by two fans on the radiator when using a Corsair Hydro. Unfortunately, the Corsair fans are pretty noisy, thereby defeating the intention of water cooling to make things more silent. Effectively, one replaces two fans with an average noise level of 25 dB with two radiator fans with 35 dB. If the cooling performance was better, that extra noise might be overlooked, but that is not the case. Up to around 4.8 GHz overclock, the performance difference between air coolers and Corsair Hydro is negligent. So, if you opt for Corsair Hydro coolers, you don't get better cooling, you do get more noise, more power consumption (because of the waterpump) and you spend a lot more.


          Finally, go for option 2 with the following modifications:


          • Windows pagefile on the boot disk, the Samsung 850 Pro, because as stated here, Tweakers Page - Tuning Guide  :
            • Once you have removed the Apps you don't need, and cleaned up the disk by removing all those License.txt and Readme First.txt files or whatever they are called, setup your static page file on the boot drive. Windows 8 insists on using a page file on the boot disk to create a memory or crash dump, so it will be created even if you have another page file on a different drive. The suggested size of this static page-file is such that the sum of installed RAM plus the size of the page-file is at least 48 GB. So for a 16 GB RAM machine, the pagefile should be set to 32 GB. For a 32 GB RAM machine, it can be set to 16 GB and for a 64 GB RAM machine it should be set to at least 1 GB. More than 1 GB page-file on a 64 GB machine is not really necessary, since PR is hard pressed to use more than 26 GB of memory in my experience. For AE it may be worth to increase the page-file to something larger than 1 GB on 64 GB machines.
          • A 256 GB boot disk is more than enough. 512 GB is a waste of space.
          • Exports can easily be put on the raid0. No need to put them on the XP941.
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            rakeshb19820565 Level 1

            Hi cc_merchant,


            Thank you for responding so quickly. Agreed on the PSU. I was considering the Seasonic 850W Gold PSU anyway but thought the Bronze would suffice. 850W seems ok to me or will it help in the long run to go for a 1000W+ PSU? I probably will add another GFX card and perhaps another m.2 SSD as prices drop later but nothing else significant comes to mind.



            "You can’t ship a system with a huge air cooler. In fact, you shouldn’t move it at all. And we’ve even seen certain four-layer motherboards warp to the point that they stop working when big, heavy CPU coolers are installed." - http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/zalman-reserator-3-max-dual-nzxt-kraken-x61-noctua-nh- d15,4000-6.html


            I am getting my system assembled by a company and they are going to have it delivered to me so I thought the closed liquid cooler would be safer. I understand the point about the noise though. I was considering the kraken x60 or Corsair 110 initially but decided to go for the smaller H100i as I plan to do only a mild stable 4GHz or so overclock on the 5820k. The difference in price between the Noctua and the 100i from my seller is just under 30$ so I don't mind that. Worst case if the noise is too much I plan or replacing the fans with these quieter ones : http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007RESFR2



            Thank you for your suggestion of option 2 and the info regarding windows stubbornly creating a pagefile on the boot drive is something I did not know. So I'm gathering that the XP941 being a boot drive will not provide any noticeable differences in loading times etc vs the Samsung Pro SSD to be worth it?


            Also, should I just setup the raid right away or wait till I start a 4K project in the future? I will not have a dedicated raid controller card, just the Asus x-99 motherboard raid. I have read that anything other than raid0 with a non-dedicated raid controller is troublesome, but ideally though I have backups of the media I don't want to be wasting time restoring it if the raid0 isn't really needed right now with HD 1080p footage.


            Thank you


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              cc_merchant Level 4

              During editing you will profit more from the speed of the XP941, than from the one-time loading of the program, which is done from the boot disk.


              Using a raid0 is dangerous if you encounter a (mechanical) failure of one of the member disks. All data will be irretrievably lost. The controller has no impact on the reliability of the raid array. You have to format the disks as a single raid volume, so if you skip raiding them first, using two single volumes and later decide to raid them into a single volume, you will lose all data on the individual disks.

              See Tweakers Page - To Raid or not to Raid

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                rakeshb19820565 Level 1

                Right,  that makes sense about loading times being a one time benefit.


                On the raid topic,  I will be archiving all the media onto external storage once done with the current project so I'm okay with wiping all data before raid. Though definitely,  the reliability and potential loss of all data due to failure is a huge concern.

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                  rakeshb19820565 Level 1

                  Just as a side I am probably picking the H105 instead of the 100i as it's around the same price and supposedly better cooler though a bit bulkier.


                  Lastly,  I will be doing quite a lot of warp stabilizer and some twixtor  for slow motion.  Will going for the 5930k make any appreciable difference over the 5820k? It's quite a bit more expensive and has only 6 cores.  What about the 5960x?

                  Essentially, I guess I'm asking everything else being the same system,  approx what percentage improvement in speed can one expect for cpu  intensive operations such as warp stabilizer on 5960x, 5930k vs the 5820k.




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                    rakeshb19820565 Level 1

                    An update on my situation:


                    I bought the XP941 but had to return it as it was a defective piece unfortunately. Went with an SSD Raid solution for the Scratch disks