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    How to define script object for plug-in

    Trung.vu Level 1

      hi all,


      I'm new developer in InDesign Server.

      I'm having a look at the SnipRunner & BasicPersistInterface.

      In the file SnippetRunner.jsx:


      // get the SDKCodeSnippetRunner object

      var snippetRunner = app.sdkCodeSnippetRunnerObject;


      In the file BasisPersitInterface.jsx:

      app.basicpersistinterfacePreferences.bpiData = "default";

      if (app.basicpersistinterfacePreferences.bpiData != "default") {}


      really, I dont understand where & how to define the "sdkCodeSnippetRunnerObject" & "basicpersistinterfacePreferences" in the source code of plug-ins written in C/C++

      so anyone can help me on this?