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    Error instantiating class

    mrbahr Level 1
      Not sure what the problem is. We are using FDS along with the HibernateAssembler. We're querying an Oracle database for a list of codes. The Java object is:

      public class ICD9Master {

      private String icd9Code = null;
      private String icd9Description = null;
      private long timesUsed = 0;

      public String getIcd9Code() {
      return this.icd9Code;
      public void setIcd9Code(String icd9Code) {
      this.icd9Code = icd9Code;
      public String getIcd9Description() {
      return this.icd9Description;
      public void setIcd9Description(String icd9Description) {
      this.icd9Description = icd9Description;
      public long getTimesUsed() {
      return this.timesUsed;
      public void setTimesUsed(long timesUsed) {
      this.timesUsed = timesUsed;

      On the Flex client, we have:

      package com.presidioClient.model.coding
      import mx.collections.*;
      public class ICD9Master {
      public var icd9Code:String;
      public var icd9Description:String;
      public var timesUsed:Number;


      When the data comes back from the server, we get:

      Error instantiating class: com.presidio.coding.ICD9Master. Reverting to anonymous Object.

      I would expect that the problem would be if there was a mismatch between the client and the server, but there doesn't appear to be. Any thoughts on what might cause this, or better yet, how to fix it?