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    google adsense for flash

    jonnybennett Level 1
      google adwords only works for html pages. My site is completely in flash, therefore does anyone know of an alternative to adwords that will work for flash sites?
      I am using php to send peoples searches using loadVars(), therefore at the same time I could be sendAndLoad appropriate advertisments fro their searches, however like i mentioned google adwords does not this, but there must be someone that does, and you may be the guys that know.
      many thanks J
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          Well when the php file gets the search term make it handle everything dynamically and display the ad above the flash site.

          Just an idea
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            jonnybennett Level 1
            Well exactly, this is what I want to do, or even better incorporate the ad into the flash itself, however this is not the problem. The problem is that google adwords only works or permitts you to place there ads in html pages.i.e. they generate the add based upon the html in the page, therefore I am trying to find a company that allows you to dynamically generate the add... anyone?
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              i don't know anything about adwords. but if you just need keywords or adwords in your html page to "fool" google that's easy to do. would that meet your needs.
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                jonnybennett Level 1
                Thanks Kglad, but I don't think that will work.
                There is a lot of info with the google adwords, that basically says if you mess with the code they supply then they won't pay you. Also I was hoping to place the ads within my flash piece rather than the html, which is defo going to go against the google adwords policy. Im not sure why they don't create an aplication that would let the website owner dynamically pull the adverts if they post a keyword to them, in the same way there search engine works. You type a keyword, they pull the correct adverts. I am sure they are missing a trick here? anyway...
                The problem is that the keywords I want to generate to put into the html are being created by the user when they type in a search term within my flash file.
                i.e. the user types something they are searching for in my flash piece, I then need to be sent specific ads that may in someway relate to that search keyword.
                It should also be noted that my page is just one flash piece. (only one html page with the flash embedded in it).
                Thanks for the response. J
                However if there is a way to change the html in a page to fool google that would be good to know how to do? if this is possible? thnks again J.
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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  no, i don't know how to help you. i add keywords (or any text) to my flash html pages so google will index the pages because google doesn't seem to index or notice flash websites.

                  i add text to the html file below the </object> using the same font color as the background. that may add scrollbars to a web browser but doesn't detract from the flash appearence and still allows google to index that html text.
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                    maxtkacz Level 1
                    In google adword's terms and conditions you can't incorporate anything into flash etc. so fooling it is kinda illegal (I use to word loosly because it's probably only against google regulations)
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                      jonnybennett Level 1
                      Thanks both of you for the responses. I guess that leaves me with the original question of as to whether anyone knows of a company that would generate ads on the fly, and if not should we band together and start this company?