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    Unable to connect to endpoint..

      I am developing an user interface for mobile devices using Macromedia Flash 8 pro and a .NET webservice. My objective is to make a search through the search engine provided in the webservice (so i have to establish a WSDL connection between flash and the webservice and then to pass the input values from the flash user interface to the webservice, and then retrieve from this one the results and send them back to the flash user interface).
      Now the problem is that i cannot establish any connection between flash and the webservice for the research method i need (it says "unable to connect to endpoint: http://-serve address-"). I didnt find on the internet any satisfactory help or good code example.
      Have you ever developed something like that, so you can give me some suggestions?
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          Hello mikadig,

          I am experiencing the same problem... I am consuming .NET web services with a Flash WebServiceConnector, and I am getting the same error. I have found that it only happens when the call takes longer than 30 seconds, but being that this service migrates data from 1 DB to another, Flash throws the "Unable to connect to endpoint:" error.

          I have seen other threads with a similar issue dating back to 2004, with zero response on how to fix it. I am going to test a timer app (that failed in .NET) in ColdFusion. If it works, I am going to be really pissed.