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    Enabling and disabling the Flash buttons

      I want to enable or disable a flash button which is a swf file.
      when i click some button i neet to enable that falsh button,
      Is it possible in director.

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          I'm guessing that you want to enable/disable the Flash button from
          Director. Is there only one button in the .swf? Do you know the name of
          the button instance?

          If there is only one button and you know it's name, then you can use
          something like this on the flash sprite:

          property thisSprite

          on beginSprite me
          thisSprite = me.spriteNum

          on mouseUp me
          sprite(thisSprite).buttonInstanceName.enabled = false

          be sure to set the eventPassMode property of the Flash member to
          passAlways so that the function of the button in Flash will get the
          mouse click event.

          If you have more than one button in the .swf then you will have to tell
          Director which button was selected. There is no way for Director to know
          which button the user is currently acting with. If this is the case then
          enabling and disabling the button might just as easily be done in the

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert