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    Tree Component

    otiscb Level 1

      Hi ye,

      The code on my Flash tree component has:

      var treeL:Object = new Object();
      treeL.change = function() {
      var item = theTree.selectedItem;
      var earl = item.attributes.url;
      if(earl) {
      getURL(earl ,target=myIframe);

      the xml file it reads from has eg.


      <folder label="Test">
      <link label="TSample" url="one.html" />

      The myIframe target above is on the same html page as the tree component, but instead of loading the file "one.html" into
      the target myIframe, it gets loaded as a separate one.html page.

      The question is, how do I target an Iframe named myIframe with its layout controlled by a content id, from a Flash tree component on same html page, and get my one.html file to load into it??

      The one.html file currently loads as a separate hml page.