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    Receive and send SMS using a mobile phone

    obouillaud Level 1

      I want to do the following :
      receive a sms on a mobile phone connected to the Coldfusion Server... then reply by a SMS with a content based on the content of the sms received (still by using the phone)

      I have a Sony Ericsson k750i, that has a usb cable that does charging AND transmitting data at the same time, it seems a perfect for doing what I need and as I only need to send 1-10 SMS per day I am note sure a true gsm modem is necessary.

      Have you already done something like that ? Does it work ? How ? Well ?

      Thanks in advance
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          Benoit BB

          Sorry but my english is poor...

          We have encoutered the same problem.

          To solve it simply, we have wrote two program :

          - The first is a windows dot net service that made a request to our database and send by sms information. The same program get information from mobile phone and set it in our database.

          - the second is a cfm program who read the same database and made treatment of request.

          We use it to watch all of our server and survey disk space, coldfusion response, jrun breakdown...

          In case of our customers have a critical problem, they send a sms to the mobile phone and we receive it.

          We made this with a motorala RAZR phone, but you can use any phone until you have the driver for your os system.

          This link show hayes protocol for sms : http://www.cellular.co.za/hayesat.htm