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    Super-scripted Ref Numbers with generated Ref Table (A Glossary?)


      Good Morning All!


      I have been trying to create a paragraph style that will be applied manually, but when applied Italicizes and adds a sequential super-scripted "reference number". These reference numbers will then be used to produce a table which will sort rows numerically and produce info based on each reference. I will also need this to delete duplicates. I have a remove duplicates script for my ToC and may be able to retrofit it to this, but we'll get to that later. I can single out words with GREP, but without creating my own "parts dictionary" it would be a pain to add a thousand or so part names* to a GREP. I figured the easiest way to do this would be to manually apply a paragraph or character style per instance and then use a script to remove duplicates. If there is a better way to do this I'm open to suggestions.


      *Sadly part names aren't always consistent either due to different writers writing styles.

      To keep it simple for now I'm wanting it to just produce: Example Row in Table - [Ref # / Blank cell for part number / Part Name (Text that Ref style was applied to) / Blank cell for description]



      I'm running into a problem that my super script numbers wont sit right if its done through a paragraph style as it reads the entire paragraph. I need the style to apply to a word or group of words. I tried creating a numbering system like a ToC, but once again that works off of paragraph styles. I can manually apply a character style but it doesn't have any sequential numbering options. For right now I'm fine manually applying the style for each instance and then copy/pasting part number and description. I'm just looking for something to generate reference numbers and the name that coincides into a row of a target table. In the future it would be amazing to have it access the component dictionary (excell doc) I'm painstakingly building to grab the part number(s) and descriptions so I don't have to copy/paste.


      I have been tasked with making multiple writers write the same thing. It feels impossible btw. So I have been creating an indesign template that does a lot of the work for you so that the largest inconsistencies are now handled by Indesign and leave no room for user error. This will not only help my older writers be consistent but will lessen the learning curve on newbies. Let me know if there is something differently I could be doing or if anything has worked well for you. I am open to any and all help/suggestions, I look forward to hearing back!