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    How can I get help creating a Lightroom5 catalogue from an existing "internal images drive" that I already set up as an alphabetized folder heirarchy for use with Bridge CS5 & Photoshop CS5?

    john mc.

      Computer/Users/user-name/images-hard-drive/alphabetized-folders/specific-named-folders/spe cific-named-image-files?

      here is an example of the path:

      COMPUTER /

           USER /

                USER-NAME /

                     IMAGES-HARD-DRIVE /

                          ORIGINAL IMAGES: NEF or DNG FILE NAMES /

                               FOLDER-A /

                                    FOLDER NAMED ASPEN /

                                    FOLDER NAMED ALABAMA /

                                    ETC....... /

                                         FOLDER-B /

                                              FOLDER NAMED BARNS /

                                              FOLDER NAMED BEACH /

                                              FOLDER NAMED BANQUET /    

                                              ETC....... / all the way through FOLDER Z /


      1 - Based on the above path description, Do I just select  "SOURCE" then select the "IMAGES-HARD-DRIVE", then click IMPORT?

           OR, do I need to select each individual alpha folder and then click IMPORT for each individual alpha folder?

           The TUTORIALS do not define this process.


      2 - Based on the viewed TUTORIAL it says the PICTURES location on the mac is the preferred location for images. I do not want my images on the same        drive as my operating system or applications location. I have mine set up on its own dedicated 3 TB drive and have another internal 3 TB drive that is          used as a back up dirve for only images.


      Any help is appreciated. Thanks, john mccorsley@