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    Almost, but don't quite, get State Transitions

      Hi All,

      From the examples, I'm trying to get, eventually, an HDividedBox and a VDividedBox to transition. Starting from the examples, I've come up with this:


      View Source is enabled. It ALMOST works. Xpand goes great, then Xtract...it does it's thing nicely, then falls apart, and I'm not quite sure why. It is something very simple, I'm sure, if anyone would please be willing to take a look. I want to get this working, then under the VDividedBoxes, run an HDividedBox, so that when you click Xpand, it transitions to full-size the rightCanvas, and hides the leftCanvas and bottomCanvas (link 2 below) which spans both the left and right canvasses, at the bottom. In other words, something like this:

      http://shawngibson.com/transStatesFull/index.html (View Source also enabled)

      But for now, just making the above transition work would be a good start, I've plugged everything I can think of, I am just missing something...

      Any help would be much appreciated.