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    Total newbie question: (FM 12 and RH11 - monthly subscription for the latter) - can linkages between source frame files and RH be maintained, or must I author only in RH going forward?


      Greetings, I'm an experienced tech writer w/prior single source experience using RoboHelp (although many years ago before it was acquired by Adobe) MadCap Flare (somewhat) and Quadralay Webworks (quite extensive). So for all practical experiences at the point in time, I'm a rank RoboHelp beginner. I've been exploring the product for a couple days, including those few lost hours spent fumbling about with the invisible TOC issue (thx Firefox!). Anyway, I'm beginning to suspect that my current arrangement, which includes a permanent Frame installation and a monthly RH subscription, is not what I'd hoped for, being as a linkage between the Frame files and RH doesn't seem to be maintained after import. Am I (hopefully) mistaken on this point? I've been using Frame nearly continuously since the late 1980's. I pretty much know every arcane FrameMaker trick and keyboard shortcut one could ever want to use, and so would like to go on with it as my primary authoring platform, if at all possible. Thx in advance for your assistance.