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    Making a button stay on the "OVER" state

      I have this Movie Clip Drop-Down Menu, which has a button inside (Overview) that turns red when you roll over it ... When the Drop-Down Menus sub-buttons are clicked, the movie jumps to a frame labeled "WhoWeAre" or "OurMission"... When it lands on either frame, I want the word "Overview" to remain red, indicating that you are now in that section.

      Can actionscript be written so that the "Over" state inside a button remains on once it reaches a new frame? I currently achieved this with a dirty hack, creating an ADDITIONAL menu with just the word "Overview" in red on the "Up" state, but it ***** things up and the sub-buttons don't work once I reach either of the new frames for some reason.

      I've posted the file at http://www.rickcornett.com/throw.out.fla

      Thank you very much in advance to anyone who may be able to help out. Cheers!