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    Pen Pressure Problems - Flash CC - Wacom Cintiq 13 HD


      Now that I'm ready to start some illustration and animation work, I've ran into a whole collection of issues which keep slowing down my progress. I'm trying to do this but seem to be spending most of my time googling for help on my various software and hardware related issues.

      Photoshop Cs3 stops working

      - Everything was working fine a few months ago, then suddenly the pen pressure stops working in PS CS3


      Photoshop CC

      -Pen pressure works

      -Lazy Nezumi Pro works

      -Pen pressure loads annoying brush menu after roughly 1.5 seconds of hold.

      This makes drawing small areas almost impossible, especially with Lazy Nezumi Pro in affect.




      Flash CC

      -Pen pressure not working

      -Lazy Nezumi pro seems to be working

      -No annoying pen pressure brush menu, but can't draw in it without the pen pressure!


      Information: System & Tablet


      I am using a Wacom Cintiq 13 HD with Windows 8.1.

      I have just installed the Windows - Driver 6.3.11-4a (Vista, Win 7 and Win 8) update from Drivers | Wacom



      Can someone please lend me any advice at all! Is this straight up a driver issue? Is it some PS setting I don't know about? Tablet setting perhaps? What is causing these issues and how can I resolve them? Thanks.

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          JoeHoran Level 1

          Just had this issue with the latest drivers from Wacom (6.3.11-4a) and my old Intuos 3 and found a solution.


          It seems any time Wacom updates their drivers, it breaks pressure sensitivity in a random adobe application. This has been happening since.. well.. forever. Wacom and Adobe need to get their **** together.


          I fixed my issue by installing an older wacom legacy driver (6.1.7-3). I didn't try any other versions, this one just happened to work for me. You might need to try multiple older versions.


          Legacy Drivers | Wacom


          My Steps:

          - Download an older legacy driver (6.1.7-3 worked for me)

          - Unplug your tablet USB

          - Uninstall your wacom driver

          - Restart

          - Install the old driver

          - Plug in your tablet and let windows do its thing

          - Pressure sensitivity should be working now


          I was also having issues with the color picker in Flash CC taking a while to load when using the tablet. That seems to have been fixed as well.


          Hope this helps!

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            Preran Adobe Employee

            Hi Joe,


            Thank you for sharing your solution. It is sure to help other users with similar issues.