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    InDesign Giving Me "Out of Memory" Error


      Hi all,


      I've been getting an "out of memory" error coming up on several projects I work on in InDesign. Most recently was a 189 page document, mostly text, some imported photos and PDFs. Usually I'd hit okay on the dialog box, but it pops up several times to the point where I can't do anything but quit and restart the program.


      I've been looking around and read that it's InDesign's own memory and has nothing to do with the computer that I'm using. If that's true, is this just what sometimes happens with larger files? It really messes with my work flow, so if there's anything I can do other than just sit back and let it tweak out, I'd prefer it.


      InDesign is CS5, computer is Windows 7.


      Any ideas? Thanks in advance.