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    APE 13 upload issues


      First time I uploaded to youtube from ape 13 no problem.  the second time errors. had to export to desktop then to youtube.  Others seem to have same problem. Using a Mac

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          With regard to the success and the failure, what differences, if any, existed between the Timeline content destined for upload to YouTube using the built in Premiere Elements 13 YouTube feature?


          a. duration

          b. Timeline formats

          c. other


          What specific errors did you get when the built in feature did not work? And, at what point in the process did message appear?

          a. Online Service related

          b. Other


          At the present time can you upload your Premiere Elements Timeline to YouTube from within the Premiere Elements 13 built in feature?


          Have you updated 13 to 13.1 using an opened project's Help Menu/Update. If not, please do so.


          We will be watching for your progress.


          Thank you.



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            david521 Level 1

            OK, I did a little testing.


            First I created a new project and put in a 10 second graphic and it uploaded just fine no problems. Went in to youtube and deleted it.


            All good.


            Second test created a 7 minute video of just raw footage and uploaded it. At the 98% mark on the rendering I got an error message that said :Online services encountered an error."  I hit OK and got "The service will now be terminated or paused if possible."


            I did it again, and shortened the video to 5 minutes with the same result.


            I thought about it and went into youtube and signed out thinking that the first time I did it I had to sign in, and it worked.  That did not make a difference, still no go.


            I am using Elements 13.1 on a Mac


            There is no problem saving it to the desktop and uploading it manually.  Hopefully 13.2 will fix this.  Also, I do not like the Elements 13 PC version has more keying power than Elements 13 Mac

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the update and the results of your troubleshooting. Good job.


              What are the properties of this raw video that did not make it through the upload to YouTube from within the Premiere Elements built in YouTube feature?


              By the way, for troubleshooting purposes only, would it be worthwhile for you to do a test run using this same content and Vimeo or Facebook?



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                david521 Level 1

                Created a Vimeo account, and tried to upload the same raw footage. 5 min with of go pro video.  same result, "Online services encountered an error" at 98% complete

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                  david521 Level 1

                  The video is from goPro or Canon Vixia cameras in the AVCHD

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Thanks for the reply. Sorry that the news was not better. But, moving forward...


                    1. Have you gone to preferences and refreshed the Online Services (Edit Menu/Preferences/Web Sharing)?

                    Have you gone to your browser's Options/Advanced/Network and Cached Web Content and cleared the Cached Web Content?

                    Have to turn off the route for about 35 seconds and restarted it? Have you done the uploads with different default browser?


                    2. Just in case question....If you put jpg photos on the Timeline, can you upload that Timeline content to YouTube from within Premiere Elements' built in YouTube feature? What is the file extension for the GoPro and Canon footage destined for YouTube - mts or .mp4 or both?



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                      david521 Level 1

                      Refreshed web in APE13 uploaded video same result. At 98% it showed error.


                      Next I cleared Safari history and uploaded ....... it worked.  5 min GoPro video went through.  I'll try another longer video later and report results.


                      I'll upload without clearing safari history then with clearing.


                      Thanks seems we are closing in on it.

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Thanks for the updates. Sounding good.


                        Looking forward to your results and keeping a positive thought for success.


                        Have you tried any browser besides Safari yet....like Firefox or Internet Explorer?