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    DNG CONVERTER 8.3 Selection Buttons are gone!!!   :(


      This question was first posted by elizabethnengland Nov 25, 2014 9:59 PM and has NOT BEEN ANSWERED.

      I now have EXACTLY the same problem.


      So I am copying and slightly editing her original question in an effort to expedite this process.

      I am using Windows Vista 32.


      elizabethnengland, did you ever resolve this in your case?





      The issue I have run into is kind of hard to explain.


      I downloaded the application & it worked fine the 1st 4 times I used it.
      I closed it out,  came back to the DNG converter the next day later & now it won't work.
      I will click on the icon & unlike a normal program it doesn't pop up on the desktop. Instead, the icon will appear on the task bar & that's it.
      So I click the icon on the task bar & it does take me to the program however, all of the selection buttons are not there.

      There are either black boxes, or transparent areas showing whatever is under the program. (folder, etc. For ex. If there is no program running under, the desktop background is transparent in the program. Where the buttons should be, I can see my background.)

      I do not have the option to do anything except minimize & close. I can not pick what files I want, where to put them. Anything.
      I have deleted this program, reinstalled 8 times!!!
      I have no idea what to do next.



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          Do you still see this issue in the CURRENT version of the Adobe DNG Coverter, which is version 8.8?


          What you reference is five (5) versions behind.


          I'm not even sure Vista is supported at this point.

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            jlgarciaph Level 1

            Version 8.3 is the most recent version which runs on Windows Vista, and it is the earliest version which supports my Nikon D610 body.

            Thus I have absolutely no need for a newer version, and there is no newer version which will run on my PC.

            Upgrading to a new PC is not an option for me at this time.

            Many thanks for taking time out of your day to respond to my question.

            I know I am not the only person who has this problem, and that the person who posted this same problem on November 14th got absolutely no helpful responses whatsoever, but I am hopeful that this community will share it's experiences and help me come to a positive resolution of this challenge.

            Having done research on this matter, there is no way to totally uninstall and reinstall Adobe DNG converters of any version without uninstalling other Adobe products, due to the unique and ingenious way in which the software deploys itself so quickly by availing itself of the resources available from other Adobe products, such as light room and Photoshop, so that it does not need to deploy those during the installation process.


            Thanks again.


            José García

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              I sympathize with you fully, José.  Personally, I'm sticking with CS6 v13.0.6 because I refuse to pay a monthly tribute to Adobe for the rest of my life.


              As far as the poster who got no response since last november:


              Remember, you are not addressing Adobe here in the user forums.  You are requesting help from volunteers users just like you who give their time free of charge. No one has any obligation to answer your questions.

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                OFF TOPIC:


                I do not use Lightroom at all.  I tried it in its first iterations and thoroughly detested it.


                However, Adobe applications do not call on parts of each other, which is what I understand you to be saying in your last paragraph.


                Inconsistency between or among applications in the artificial "suites" should come as no surprise.


                The "suite" concept is a total fabrication of Adobe marketing and bean-counting types.  The engineering teams are totally independent of each other, they are not only in different buildings but in different cities and states of the American Union, even in different countries.


                The fact that they have little if any communication among them is highlighted by requests occasionally made in these forums by top Adobe engineers to let the other teams know when there are problems in one application that impact our workflow in another one.

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                  jlgarciaph Level 1

                  Gratefully understood!

                  I elected to go with CS6 V13.0.1 x 32 for similar reasons, but I LOVE Lightroom ( which I also purchased outright) to start my RAW workflow.

                  I find it very much faster than Bridge to process my RAW files,

                  and although I own several upgrades, LR 3.6 runs over 100% faster that any other version I own.

                  But I MUST use DNG converter to process my D610 images, although I can process my D300 files directly.

                  I find that ALL of the LR versions I have run DNG files much faster than the NEF files from any of my digital bodies.

                  Many thanks for taking the time to comment!


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                    jlgarciaph wrote:


                    …I elected to go with CS6 V13.0.1 x 32…


                    Right… you're on the butt-ugly Windows OS.