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    How to correlate items in Illustrator document in GUI vs scripting objects?

    man9ar00 Level 1

      As a novice to Illustrator and Illustrator scripting. I notice that without good knowledge of Illustrator (the GUI and/or scripting), it's a bit tricky to correlate the type of item/object an item is as seen in the Illustrator GUI selecting the item on screen and/or seeing it in the layer's window. Because both of those don't indicate the matching Illustrator scripting item/object type, and I have to guess at what it is (or iteratively/recursively dump all items and see if I can figure out what is what from the dumped items from the script comparing to the info/properties in the UI).


      Or is there some mapping feature that will indicate this that I overlooked? If not, how best to correlate?


      As some examples:


      * how to figure out what type of object text is that we see in the Illustrator document (assume total novice, not knowing specific text types in Illustrator)

      * how to figure out whether a certain item in a layer is a page item, path item, or both? I can't tell.