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    Which forum should I post to? (Feedback vs Forums)

    Pete.Green Adobe Employee

      Some have wondered, with the presence of two Photoshop and Lightroom community spaces, which forum is most appropriate to post into?


      Answer: It depends on the type of content/post you are creating.


      Post to feedback.photoshop.com for:

      • Feature requests or wish to add your voice/vote to existing feature requests.
      • Demonstrable bug (repeatable with step-by-step instructions and screenshots).
      • Crash or error troubleshooting.


      Post to Adobe Community forums (PS / LR) for:

      • General discussion.
      • General troubleshooting (I'm stuck at..., and need help with...).
      • How-to questions.
      • Is this normal?
      • Can I do this?
      • What is the best workflow?