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    Images not downloading properly from CF card


      First, all of the sudden my downloads (from camera into Lightroom, which are simitanouesly also writing to my drobo) are going SO SLOW I mean 5-10 photos every 15-20 mins. Sometimes it even stalls out and I have to force quit and resume the download later. It was a problem that started just every few downloads, but is not every download. I  tried: Lightroom update (I have the latest version), deleting photos out of the Lightroom catalog (I always store them on my external, but use Lightroom to download and view and there were a bunch of old ones still in lightroom), turning off my render previews, downloading from a card reader and camera directly. This improved things only marginally.

      Then last night I tried another card again, figured I would just let it run all night. But it went super fast (lille it used to). Check my 'previous imports' folder and everything looked great. However only 300 of the 900 photos went into my external hardrive and the folder on Lightroom?! They still show on the previous import but not in the folders. What is the problem?