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    How can I make background images (in <p> classes) appear in Review PDF?

    NealonUX Level 1

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      In my stylesheet, I have <p> classes for notes, tips, examples, and cautions. Each has a background image.

      p.note {

      background-image: url(note.jpg);

      background-repeat: No-Repeat;

      background-position: 0pt 12pt;

      margin-left: 12pt;

      border-left-style: none;

      border-right-style: none;

      border-top-style: none;

      border-bottom-style: none;

      padding-left: 40px;

      padding-top: 20px;

      padding-bottom: 20px;



      The images show in outputs but not in previews, nor in Review PDFs (Review | Create PDF for Review . . .).


      Is there a way to make those images appear?