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    Possible SSD replacement - what to deactivate?

    SausalitoDog Level 2

      I'm bringing my 2012 MacBook pro in for a checkup/possible SSD replacement.


      I have a Time Machine backup and a Super Duper image.


      What apps should I deactivate (if any)...Adobe photographer CC (2014), perfect photo suite 9, nik collection, numerous topaz apps, Image Print are all on my MBP and iMac. Should I deactivate them? Just in case the SSD is replaced or wiped?


      What about other apps like Dragon Dictate, Print Shop 3 or Vuescan?


      i also use Dropbox (my LR cat is there among many other things) - Should I turn off sync with the MBP? Should I delete some of the Dropbox files?