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    sym.play from a timeline point wont fire on click trigger


      Hi there,

      The project I'm working on is a prototype for an ATM at a fictional amusement park for my Interaction Design class. It works pretty simply, just using sym.stop() triggers on the timeline, and then when you click on elements it will sym.play() the timeline to the next stop point on the click.


      This is what it does when I preview/publish (the html file)


      this probably isnt helpful but heres the other .js file: funpark_edge.js


      My problem is, I can change the first scene to the second scene by clicking the text at the bottom of the screen, but click events on the the 'Read Me' and the image of the card don't work.


      I also do know that some of my later scenes come in after a while, but just ignore that.


      I contacted Adobe Customer Support about this, and they told me it was ousde their scope and that I should post it here.


      Does anyone know of any methods to figure out what the problem is? Any help is greatly appreciated!



      Software/Hardware info:

      I'm working on a project in Edge Animate CC 2014 (latest version)
      I'm working on my MacBook Pro which is running OS Mountain Lion and on a school computer that runs either Mountain Lion or Mavericks. I'm testing in the latest version of Google Chrome, but my issue is present when I use any other browser I have on my computer (Safari & Firefox).