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    I recently had to reinstall my Creative Suite 4 Design Premium and since then, I am not able to place a MS Word program. I also cannot enter text in PhotoShoip.


      I recently had a hard drive crash. I replaced the C: drive with a solid state and now have 3 internal HDs. C: for the OS (Windows 7), D: for data and P: for program installation. Because I replaced the C: drive, I had to re-install all my programs. Now, PhotoShop will not let me place text, inserting the text tool causes the program to stop responding. In InDesign, if I try to place a MS Word document, it acts as if I never did that action and I can't get it placed.


      I can copy and paste, but doing so makes the formatting get left behind. I suspect it may not have installed correctly. I've used Adobe products since 1991 and never had this happen before. I even used Aldus PageMaker before the Suites were available. Can anyone help? Is it a reinstallation issue?

      I use PhotoTools from OnOne and if I uninstall it to reinstall CS4, I'm afraid it will no longer honor my product key.