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    Read specific XMP field


      My clients rename the PDF files that I send them for review. So when they send one back as "Approved" I need to figure out which InDesign document created the PDF. I have created a JavaScript that saves the InDesign document name into a custom XMP field every time the document is saved.


      Now, to make this as easy as possible, I want to create a menu item in Acrobat that allows the user to select it and have Acrobat display a dialog box showing the value of the custom XMP field. I have read the documentation, but it isn't very clear.


      I know that I can call 'this.metadata' to return ALL of the metadata, but all I want is "xmp:InDesignDocumentName" which is in the name space "http://ns.adobe.com/xap/1.0/"


      Anyone have experience digging into the XMP record?