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    Any way to get BridgeTalk onResult back to main()?


      When BridgeTalk gets a string of data back from the target app via the onResult function, the string that is returned from the target stays within the onResult function, and the only apparent way of doing anything with it is to define a function within the onResult() function and then working with it there.  However, I'd like to get it back to the body of the function that executed the BridgeTalk object, where I could use it with other objects I have brought in from other places.  So far, it looks like there is no defined way to do this aside from writing out to a file, which can then be read from main() -- the parent function.


      Is my understanding correct?  Is there a way to work around this?


      Definitely, I am not a Javascript expert.


      bridgeTalkObj.onResult = function( responseMsgObject ) {

      // handler defined here