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    Deal Or No Deal Game

      Hi, I am trying to work on coding a deal or no deal type game with actionscript however I am having problems since I am new to ActionScript and am just beginning.

      What I would like to do is randomize numbers under each box that I have set using attachmovie, so that the values can be different each time. I than want to have it when you click on a box with the values randomized underneath it, the menus either on the left or right of boxes change color depending on what number you pick. Eg: if you got a box with 10 in it, the menu with 10 on it would blank out.

      Example here: http://www.unoriginal.co.uk/deal-or-no-deal.html

      Anyways if anyone has any idea on how to accomplish this I would indeed be greatful since this is due in a few days for my class. Thanks.