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    AIR from Dreamweaver not show SWF file?

    relief8 Level 1
      I created a swf file Flash and then placed it in my dreamweaver html file. Then I created an AIR file. When I double clicked the new file it loaded and installed on my computer but when it openned it doesn't show the swf. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
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          bitwize3 Level 1
          As far as i can tell there appears to remain a bug when using flash with transparency set to true in xml descriptor file (ie. non-square html application). Try a flash with sound, if you can hear it, but not see it, then you might have the same problem.

          Swf inside Html is partially mentioned as a "known problem" in the final release notes, but the wording has been changed making it sound somewhat trivial. Judging that 4 pre-releases appear not to have resolved something relating to flashplayer rendering in a transparent app, it seems a solution, if any, is not so trivial.

          I hope i'm mistaken about this thou. I'd kinda like to hear of any known workaround myself also.