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    socket.connect issue

      Hi all.. can anyone help this issue?

      a) I got a flash9 clip on www.mydomain.it that is a full ansi client for telnet, and in the as30 I specified to load crossdomain.xml files also from www.mydomain.it/crossdomain.xml
      b) www.mydomain.it/crossdomain.xml opens wide to everything (wildcard) I also added secure="false" to be sure

      c) GOOD RESULT: from online, from my telnet clip, I connect to www.mydomain.it port 80 and after GET commands I retrieve the page in my clip output (cool, a minibrowser...ehhe)
      d) VERY BAD RESULT (help please, this is my primary objective!): since both www.mydomain.it and ftp.mydomain.it are on the same machine (same IP on ping) I try connect to ftp.mydomain.it port 21but It won't connect at all! How can I do for allow my socket to connect to a port different from 80 where resiedes a daemon (mail , or a mud game server for example)??
      I read a lot and someone says a thing someone else says exact opposite on what it can be done and what is forbidden by default.. but I'm sure there must be a way to connect a client for a linux textbased game. But I have no clue... only doubts.. The most says that I must make my client retrieve crossdomain.xml from the same machine and port of the socket I want to connect later... but this is good for HTML that is asyncronous.. but for a linux daemon that is always active on that port, if I tell my actionscript to retrieve cd.xml from port 4000 of mud.clessidra.it I (think) I don't get any file, I get the login screen!
      ANd besides,how can I tell my client to retrieve crossdomain xml file from ports different from 80? I tried

      Security.loadPolicyFile(" http://www.domain.com/crossdomain.xml:4000");
      Security.loadPolicyFile(" http://www.domain.com/crossdomain.xml", 4000);
      but both return error...

      I know I got confusion in my head, that's because all the documentation googleable is a mess of flex, flex2 as2.0 as30 flash 6-7-8 and is all different with different limitations and concerns.
      Please tell me what have I got to do to make my client connect from www.siteA.com to a unix textbased, service that is always active on mud.siteB.com
      plus: machine of mud.siteB.com does not have any webserver on it, at least I can make a stupid server that listens to port 80 that answers to every request with a crossdomain.xml. At least I'd wish to know if this should work or would be a money and time waste.
      Thanks for your help!