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    Flashpaper Text

      I need some help, if possible...

      I'm exporting a file from InDesign to PDF, then converting the PDF in FP to a Flashpaper document... every 10th line of text or so is really poor quality, like it is aliased or something... anyone else having an issue with this? Anyone have any suggestions?
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          res2cue Level 1
          Also... whenever I print the document, the same text that is poor quality on screen comes up hilighted in grey once printed. Thanks in advance.
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            Not sure if you're having the same problem as me, but this is how I solved it:

            In Indesign, print your document using "postscript file" as the printer. Also, in 'graphics', change fonts to download: subset and then click save at the bottom.

            This should generate a .ps file which should then be converted into a pdf using Acrobat Distiller. This pdf should convert to FlashPaper without degrading the text.

            Hope that works,