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    Automation and QTP Testing


      We are currently looking for an automated testing solution for Flex 2 interfaces. At the moment we have purchased Mercury Quick Test Pro as a testing solution and have a few questions

      • Is it possible to automate testing Flex interfaces using QTP, without dependencies on the Flex Data Center server?
      • Is it possible to purchase a discounted Data Services license just for testing purposes (i.e. just a license to allow QTP integration, not actually run the software)

        Any information would of help

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          I would like to ask the same questions as above. We use our own web services and do not need or plan to purchase data services but, still need to automate with QTP. Any luck with getting answers to this? Thanks
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            I'm here looking for the exact same answer. Flex Automation package comes with Live Cycle Data Services. You need a license to get it. So says this site.

            But is their a technical requirement for Data Svcs, because currently our product does not use it, or do we just need to buy the cheapest available DS license so we can run the Automation package which is all QTP really needs?

            I have tried installing LiveCycle Express, but when I try to install the Automation Package, it asks me for the LiveCycle Express serial number, and I don't have one. I'm not sure if Express even has one. But of course, if QTP or the QTP plugin or automation package need LiveCycle to be part of my application, that's the bigger question.

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              Dexterous Level 1
              Hi All,
              I am also here, looking for the answer to the same question.

              I guess noone's aware of this answer over here, its been almost one and half year and this thread is still open !!!