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    scrolling External Text

    TezS56 Level 1
      I have a table that I need to scroll automatically and repeatedly. The table contains about 200 lines and it needs to be aligned in 3 columns. I have done this using embeded text in a movie clip but I cannot align the columns correctly (no tab stops), plus it is not very "elegant". I have been trying to use an external text file which is HTML formated and using CSS. This will allow me to update the table and change it's look very easily ... IF ONLY I COULD GET IT TO WORK. My problem seems to be the alignment. I cannot get Flash to recognize the HTML table tags, I have tried "myformat.tabStops = [80, 200];" in action script and I have been messing with this for a long time now.
      Can someone tell me of a book, tutorial or any information on this beyond what is in the Help? I am using Flash 8 Pro.
      Thanks in advance,