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    printing failed

    newtothisall Level 1
      When I attempt to print something to pdf, the FlashPaper screen comes up & says it's working but then I'll all of a sudden get a box that says "Printing Failed for an Unknown Reason"

      How can I fix it?
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          I am also having this problem. I select to print from the FlashPaper printer driver and I get the "Printing failed for an Unknown reason." I uninstalled and reinstalled flashpaper and now instead of giving me the error whatever application I'm printing from goes unresponsive. If I open the FlashPaper printer queue and delete the job then the application becomes responsive again. It has never worked for me.

          I'm sure this must be a common problem with FlashPaper so it would be nice if it got added to the knowledge base and Macrodobia gave some solution to this common problem there.
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            sbfisher Level 1
            Ok, did a search with Google and found a cached forum entry from over in the developers forum that explains how to fix this. The post that fixed the problem is pasted in below. I did what it said and then restarted my computer and FlashPaper now works. Seems a lot of people were complaining about the problem. Writing that technote and sticking it in the knowledge base would be a huge help.


            Open a new command prompt (Start>Run, enter cmd)
            at the command prompt, execute these two commands:

            CD C:\Program Files\Macromedia\FlashPaper 2\i386
            ..\fpdriversetup.exe -ui

            The folder above should be wherever FlashPaper was actually installed on your system. After executing these commands, the drivers should be properly installed, and you should be able to use FlashPaper correctly. We are not sure why some systems are failing to install the drivers correctly, but this should fix the problem for you.
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              Arul Kumaran
              Flash paper was working fine on my old laptop, but when I installed it in my new laptop powered by Centrino Duo it failed to print. I just followed the instruction above, Now Flash Paper is back in action

              Thanks for the Info
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                kayut Level 1
                Wow. Thank you a lot.

                I had the same problem on my laptop (centrino).
                I just followed the instruction above, and now Flash Paper works properly.

                I kiss you.