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    Controlling FLV and SWF scrubbing at the same time

      I have a flash project with an imported swf animation and an imported flv video. So far I have made a play and pause button that can play and pause both objects at the same time. Is there way to make a scrub bar that can control scrubbing through both objects at the same time.

      The FLV and the SWF are the same length and all the animations in the SWF file are timed to a separate audio file from the flv I am using so when the flash file is play without any controls, the swf and the flv play n sync. I have been able to make separate scrub bars that control the video and the swf separately but when ever I try to combine the code it does not seem to work. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this starting from scratch?

      for reference:
      my video instance name is : myVideo
      my swf instance name is: mySwf