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    Mac: Where is my FlashPaper printer output???

      OSX 10.4.2
      Contribute 4

      After two frustrating days, I finally worked around the "Printer Stopped" problem with the FlashPaper printer, by upgrading the CUPS software. Now, when I print to the FlashPaper printer, the jobs appear under the "Completed" column. But nothing else happens.

      Where is the output file? What am I supposed to get after printing to the FlashPaper printer? Everything I can find on Adobe's site simply says that after printing to FP, the FP program window will open with your document -- but the Mac version doesn't have the standalone FP program!

      I assume the FlashPaper printer should be creating some kind of output file -- but what? A .swf file? Where should it be putting it? I've printed a number of files to the FP printer now, and can't find any trace of them except the original formats.

      Can anyone help? I switched to the Mac because things would be simpler -- but this is infuriating!

      Thanks for any insight....