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    clip movie file

      I need help clipping a movie file so when the image moves across the stage and goes off the stage it becomes invisible. I'd like to eventually place the movie file on a separate stage using loadmovie and have it appear this way. Right now I have created a mask outside the perimeter of the stage so it appears to be invisible. When I bring in the mini movie the mask appears as well. I think I just assumed that onec the movie was published it automatically made the area outside the stage invisible. If some one can direct me that would great.
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          wesm9787 Level 1
          i don't know about using actionscript but i know you could make a really big white square with an area the size of the stage cut out of the middle, so there would be a window where everything on the stage would be visible and everything outside the stage would be white, or whatever color you want to make it. then put it on the top layer so everything underneath is covered up when outside the stage.
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            TuulaRedditt Level 1
            Thankyou fo rresponding so quickly. I had actually thought of that but the scenerio that I have is on the main stage taking up the whole stage is a sequence of jpgs animating a 3D model. The small movie clip I wanted to show up in the top right corner. I thought of creating a cutout to the size of the the mini movie on all the jpgs in the animated sequence and then plaing it on a below layer. I think that will work what do think? If you can think of an easier way using an action script I would appreciate it. Thanks for your input. Tuula