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    Importing a jpg or gif to appear in a list

    Mitch Lerman
      I'm fairly new at ActionScript. I'm using Flash 8 Pro....Anyway, I have an XML file setup with a list of file names for jpg and gif that I want to appear in a List along with some text. I have the XML part working fine that imports the file names.

      Here's the crucial bit of code:
      var image:MovieClip = this.createEmptyMovieClip("thumb"+cnt+"_mc", cnt+1);
      select_list.iconFunction = "pictureIcon";
      select_list.addItem({label:itemdesc, icon:"thumb"+cnt+"_mc"});

      The cnt variable is 0 to the end of the array. thumb contains the file name ("myjpg.jpg").
      I'm having 2 problems: The image being loaded is actually appearing in the upper-left corner, where it shouldn't be
      appearing and the List isn't working. The List works Ok with just text.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.