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    interactive slideshow with JPGs

    Level 7
      Hi Flash experts,

      I have to build a Flash project. The challenges are:
      1. Preload 5 JPG images onto a movieclip container
      2. Produce a slideshow which loads the 5 external JPGs
      3. Autoplay and transition between pictures
      4. Have 5 buttons to go straight to the relevant image on the slideshow and
      smart enough continue playing the slideshow from that point
      5. A clickable area within the slideshow image to display the larger version
      of the image (can use emptymovieclip actionscript function)
      6. When user click to open the large version of the image, the
      transition/autoplay should pause and continue when it closes

      I have done the first 3.5 points of the challenge but stuck on the rest. If
      anyone can suggest or direct me with an approach or example to solve this
      challenge that would be very much appreciated.