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    FlashPaper Not Working in IE7?

      It appears FlashPaper is not working in IE7. Anyone else having this problem or know a workaround?

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          Multimedia Kev
          I am having the same issue! HELP ADOBE! My business products rely on Flashpaper and with the rollout of Vista, I am going to have issues. Please fix!

          I get the same error loading the swf that you get in your test link.
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            dear flash paper user;

            i don't know which one is having a problem either IE or flashpaper. i you use cfdocument tag after click a link (maybe without passing a variable), then it should be no problem. but if you are using form to submit a value to the next page that using cfdocument tag, the you have to be careful. your flash paper will not come out. and if your are lucky, then it will show up after click a refresh button.

            to avoid such thing, i recommend you to start using flash player version 7.0 or below. don't use version 8 above. try uninstall current flash player plug-in in your browser (which is versin 8 above), and start using the old one.

            happy trying :)

            p/s : like some wiseman said : new version not always better.