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    Animated BackDrop (3D)

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      I am currently trying to insert an animated backdrop into a 3d scene, and
      am encountering some difficulties.

      My problem is first, that I only want a small area of the backdrop animated.
      Now, I cant use overlays for this as the animated sections need to appear
      behind the 3d object in my scene. I have tried layering multiple images on the
      camera.backdrop, but it seems it will only display the backdrop that is highest
      up in the cameras backdrop list at any one time. This forces me to have all the
      animation on an 800x600 image, instead of an large still image for the backdrop
      and small 50x50 animations placed around it. This is unlike the
      Cameras.Overlay, which will display multiple Overlays (obviously if they have
      an alpha or arn't ontop of each other).

      Currently I have a function, that on Start Movie, will build a lists of all
      the frames from my cast for each animation. So I give it Smoke_Anim as the name
      and it will search the cast and build a list of anything Matching Smoke_Anim_1
      or _2 or _3 etc. etc.. On Prepare Frame, I then Increment through this list,
      finding what frame its on. deleting that frame from the Overlay and replaceing
      it with the next frame of animatio. This works fine for a small animation thats
      mabey 25kb per frame, but when I try to use this method on an entire backdrop
      (800x600) the frames are just too big too handle.. even compressed as .jpg they
      are 300kb, And its having problems swapping them @ 30 Frames per second

      Could anyone suggest an alternative method, or tell me what Im doing wrong. I
      checked out the available tutorials on backdrops and grabbed the lingo behavior
      by 'Christophe Leske'. Even though this has a tick box for animated images (so
      it updates everyframe) I dont see how to use it, as apparently the backdrop can
      only be of these types (#bitmap, #vectorShape, #flash, #text). What would have
      been very handy is if I could have just put a quicktime or avi as the

      Any help Greatly Appriciated - Thanks in Advance