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    Print button problems

    Martin_Bean Level 1
      ive been trying for a while now to create a print button that prints all the slides in the presentation which are on different levels (screens) but i keep getting errors like printing blank black pages or printing the print button itself i have 13 slides all togther

      and this is the code im using atm ( also i have #b name lable on each image on each slide)

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          janst Level 1
          I'm struggling with this same issue... very frustrating. I know it can be done but I just can't seem to make it print right either
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            janst Level 1
            Well, with the help of the "help" section of Flash, I have been able to make a number of flash print buttons. However, I have found a problem that I can't seem to solve and would LOVE some assistance!

            I need a print button on each fram of a large movie that prints only the frame where the button is located. The problem is, if I use "bframe", it wil print the one frame that is labled #P. These frames That I want to print individually all reside on the same timeline in the same movie and so I would need to label each frame "P" which really doesn't work for obvious reasons.

            Does anyone have a work around? This is driving me crazy!!!
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              janst Level 1
              Martin, I hope you don't mind that I am asking questions on your thread since we are struggling with the same problem.
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                Rob_98765 Level 1
                Have you looked at the actionscript PrintJob()?